Thursday, November 28, 2019

Something To Be Thankful For: The Entire Democratic Party Having a Nuclear Meltdown


Anonymous said...

Damn. That dress is toooo tight. I think I see a bulge.....

I noticed the other day that my hospital had a headline about "women doctors". I guess female doctors does not work because now some "women doctors" have public water works like this poor delusional man.

Gender fragmentation. A severe form of emotional illness.

Anonymous said...

"Gender fragmentation" reveals the weakest, most maleable minds amongst us.

Pete Rowe said...

If John Kerry had a son....

Anonymous said...


The image posted - also shows a lifestyle of extreme narcissism. Some of you will recognize the anonymous post because of my following comment.

My husband is a T-10 paraplegic. Our adults sons will at times make a reference to "half man" becuase that is how he will at times refer to himself. But they do it with a smile, remembering that this is the man who backed them up against a wall as teenagers and threatened them when they sniped and smart-assed with me.

He is anything but a half - he is macho and fully "man". Rather than focusing on himself 24/7 and thinking "what is wrong with my body!?" he has:

* Taught his wife to shoot a rifle and done the same for his sons.

* Swims.

* Mows the lawn and plants a garden every year.

* "Walks" like a man in that wheelchair and certainly talks like a man.

Compare my husband to the ambulatory men in dresses who constantly worry about knowing what is wrong with their bodies, constantly bitching and asking others to acknowledge that God made a mistake.

Nope. They are extreme narcissists. And I wonder how the hell that man in the image manages to mow his lawn, plant a garden, or shoot a rifle.

Pastorius said...

Yes, I agree. It is extreme narcissism as well.

I love and appreciate that our commenters are tearing apart the Transgender ideology/behavior from every direction. It is a disgusting and evil ideology.

Again, as I have said before, I do not mind what people choose to do with their lives. It's when they decide to force it on others that I get angry.