Monday, October 18, 2021

THE PANDEMIC PODCAST: Why Do So Many Still Buy Into The Narrative?

The interviewer asks a question right at the outset: "What led you to personally recognize that what you were being told may not be right? Was there a defining moment? Did you know straightaway?"

I want to answer that question myself. Anyone who has followed this blog would know that I have not bought into the COVID narrative at all, right from the beginning.

Periodically I have gone through times of doubt about my own perspective. I have known people who got very sick. I have not known anyone who died of COVID, but I have known people who had family members die. One friend lost her father, and another lost her sister. The father would have been in his 80's. The sister was in her 50's. These events trouble me. 

No one in my family has had COVID. And almost no one in my family has ever followed the rules that have been doled out either. My mother who is damn near the 100 year old mark at this point would walk to the store every day, not wearing a mask, and buy herself the things she needed for the day. Because of her advanced age, and her fierce will, no one ever tried to tell her what to do.

But that is anecdotal information, and it really has almost nothing to do with why I have not bought into the narrative.

Here's my answer on why I didn't believe the narrative:

1) Before the Pandemic was even labeled a pandemic, a friend of mine, who is a graduate of MIT, told me that COVID was going to be a problem. But he told me, there is a drug which would treat it; Hydroxychloroquine. He told me the drug was safe and effective. He had taken it when he worked for the State Department in Africa, as a preventative against Malaria. He told me Hydroxychloroquine is an over-the-counter medication in Africa, and that most people took it to his knowledge.

2) The early hysteria was much accelerated by the story of the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship, which was besieged by COVID. At the time, I had read the story with much interest, and found that 712 people out of 3711 on the cruise ship had contracted COVID, and 7 people had died. At this point, there are 13 deaths listed as having been associated with the outbreak of COVID on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. Now realize that, when I inititally analyzed the numbers, there were only 7 deaths, but let's go with the 13 listed now. If you divide 13 into 3711 people, you will find that COVID had a death rate of .0035. And there were some mititgating circumstances here: a) Cruise ships are notorious for being filled with old people. Already at that time, the numbers and come out showing that COVID was exponentially more dangerous for people 70 and above. So, I reasoned, COVID is not nearly as dangerous as the media has made it out to be. I think my assumptions have been born out over time. (The Diamond Princess was like a Pandemic in a Petri Dish. It was almost a gift, in that we could learn almost everything we needed to know about how dangerous COVID was, just from that one event.) And, b) Let's also note that, because that the Diamond Princess was the earliest mass outbreak of COVID, we knew almost nothing of how to treat the disease at the time. And yet the death rate, with an unusually old population of people was only .0035.

And that brings me to my third observation early in the pandemic:

3) As I said, the first thing I learned about COVID, even before it was considered a pandemic, was that it was likely treatable by Hydroxychloroquine.  So, when I saw how the drug was discussed in the media, I KNEW there was something wrong. Journalists were assailing the medication, with glee. Politicians had outright malice for the drug, and disdain for the Deplorable people who would promote it. There was a very obvious and very large movement of people in the intelligentsia trying to shut down any mention of the drug. Any Doctor who wanted to prescribe it was censored and threatened. And my friend who had told me about the drug, in the first place, had contracted COVID, became very sick, and self-prescribed Hydroxychloroquine, and got better within hours.

And so, that is it. That was all it took for me to not buy into the narrative.

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