Monday, June 20, 2022

A Cretinous Beltway Reproduction of a Stalinist Show Trial

From American Greatness:

"As the initial hearing showed, Pelosi cannily chose her GOP pair. They provided the “bipartisan” faΓ§ade Pelosi desired, mugging for the cameras and delivering their lines in this taxpayer-funded Democratic infomercial. 
Yet, what of Russiagate’s abuse of power that, unlike the singular and ceased event of January 6, 2020, continues to this day—including the wholly biased January 6 committee itself? What of Special Counsel Durham’s investigation’s revelations into the insidious leftist cabal continuing to coercively impose political justice upon the equal and sovereign citizens of our free republic? 
Once again, the New York Post is spot on: 
“Until the plotters are held accountable, there actually is good reason to worry about the future of democracy in America.” 
This, then, is the clear and present danger to everyone’s democracy. Like Ahab chasing his white whale, their purblind animus toward Trump has led them to pledge and risk everything to destroy him. 
Like every vendetta, this constitutes an oath to an individual. In the process, they have abnegated their oath to defend the United States Constitution against those who weaponize the federal government against their opponents. 
In fact, they have rendered it worse than meaningless. They have rendered it rank hypocrisy by becoming part and parcel of that continuing weaponization of the federal government, in this instance against their sworn 𝑏𝑒𝑑𝑒 π‘›π‘œπ‘–π‘Ÿπ‘’, Trump and his supporters. 
Representatives Cheney and Kinzinger, my fellow Republicans: did you ever stop to ponder whether your useful idiocy on this committee makes you accomplices after the fact in covering up the Democrats’ attempted coup against President Trump; and of their continuing corrupt and potentially criminal use of the police and surveillance powers of the federal government against their political opponents and all dissenters to their radical diktats? 
Or how, when comes the day Donald Trump is gone, π‘¦π‘œπ‘’π‘Ÿ dishonor will remain?"