Thursday, June 23, 2022

Defending the Republic vs. The FDA: the court case filed requesting Moderna vaccine information

In early June 2022, in the great state of Texas, a very important lawsuit was filed.  The group Defending the Republic had made a FOIA request (which is an information request) about the safety data and clinical trial data for the Moderna vaccine.  The FOIA request for information was DENIED.  It breaks down like this:

DTR requested the trial data.  The FOIA request was denied.  So DTR has now sued the FDA for release of that clinical trial information.  The grounds for the lawsuit are:

  1. DTR believes that the American people have the right to know what the Moderna vaccine trial data is, given that there are still mandates for vaccinations and people need to know the safety data.  They also take issue with the fact that the vaccine efficacy is waning and is no longer effective.  They argue this case the same way that the court case was filed and won to force Pfizer to release THEIR data they wanted hidden for 75 years.

  2. They address concerns that the Spikevax (the new fancy FDA name for the Moderna vaccine) should not have been FDA approved, as the package insert IN the vaccine states that there as there is no sufficient data for use in pregnant women, and that the vaccine is 93% effective at PREVENTING covid infection which we know now to be untrue, as millions of vaccinated people are catching covid.  The FDA/CDC/NIH conceded months ago that the vaccine does not prevent covid as originally advertised.

  3. Despite the FOIA request for expedited release of info, and multiple appeals, the requests were denied.  They partially denied the request for info because Defending the Republic shares information with the general public.  So in other words, they did not want the data SHARED, so they refused to give it to DTR.  DTR argues that the public needs to know what is in the vaccine and the data surrounding it as soon as possible.

  4. The general public MUST know ASAP what the trial data says, as the message sold to the public about the vaccines is not truthful, and consumers have the right to know what they are having injected into their bodies.


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