Thursday, June 23, 2022

New York teachers in hot water for submitting “fake” covid vaccine cards

From Jennifer Brown

We have another “situation” of fake covid vaccine card submission.  Lets count up the  “fake” covid card/vaccine incidents so far: the pharma CEO and wealthy elites in Europe, the hospital physicians and CEO’s offered fake covid cards, and now we have this case.

A pediatric holistic clinic in Amityville, NY is charged with giving 82 New York school teachers fake covid cards saying they had been vaccinated when they really had not.  It was apparently a 1.5 million dollar “side business” going on.  Allegedly, people were charged $220 for each “vaccine card vax” which would equal $440 if your card shows 2 vaccines.  The teachers have union representation claiming that they DID get vaccinated, and the $220 was paid for a “detox” post vaccine.  Then there is the $900k found in NYPD bags in the possession of one of the providers.  That is a lot of cash!!!!

As I have hypothesized many times, I truly do not believe the data that claims how many people have been vaccinated.  These alleged “fake” vaccine cards in this story are far from the only ones out there.  They sell them online, both here in the USA and from overseas.  Obtaining a covid card is not difficult to do.  If we count covid vaccinated people based on possession of a vaccine card, there are a lot of fake cards out there.  I also cannot fault the people obtaining the fake cards, because they live in a state that mandated everyone be jabbed or lose their job.  I am not condoning felonies and fraud by any means, but I do understand and sympathize with why they did this. 

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