Saturday, June 25, 2022

Department of Defense (DOD) reports a 1400% increase in illnesses since the covid vaccine was introduced


These two graphics are just sad. 
In the DOD, yearly illnesses are tracked. Tracked meticulously in fact. They keep data on all their people. We have data going back to 2016. The numbers affected over each of the 5 previous years (2016-2020) compared to 2021 are mind blowing. It was like a medical issue explosion happened in 2021. 
Below are the tables:

Multiple Sclerosis: 680% increase in 2021

Bells Palsy: 291% increase in 2021

Hypertension: 2,281% increase in 2021

Heart Attack: 456% increase in 2021

Myocarditis: 275% increase in 2021

Pericarditis: 162% increase in 2021

Stroke: 359% increase in 2021

Female infertility: 517% increase in 2021

Male infertility: 393% increase in 2021

Esophageal cancer: 894% increase in 2021

Breast cancer: 536% increase in 2021

Testicular cancer: 369% increase in 2021

Anxiety: 2,512% increase in 2021

Liver disease: 290% increase in 2021

Nervous system disease: 1,048% increase in 2021

Seizures: 327% increase in 2021

Guillian Barre Syndrome: 551% increase

The above is just a sample of the table data.  Infertility, brain and heart issues, increases in cancers……..the Department of Defense keeps much better records than the CDC does.  Have a look at the tables above to compare yearly rates in 2016-2020 compared to 2021 alone.  It is appalling. What is the common theme in 2021? The federal government mandated the covid vaccine.


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thelastenglishprince said...

I always said COVID was designed so the vaccine could be the more potent weapon. The vaccine, unlocked potentiality against the human host.

What saddens me, is where our nation will stand in the coming decade in childhood deaths and secondary illnesses related to the vaccine.

We are a generation weakened. Of course, fear is always the first thing to weaken a host. It incapacitates.