Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dramatic and sudden increase in disability claims

Much has been said about the vast number of job openings over the last year or so. EVERYONE is hiring, but there are no employees to fill the positions. Where are the workers? 
For most of 2020 into early 2021, it was “assumed” that the federal and state bump in unemployment benefits made it financially feasible for people to stay home and not work. But those bloated benefits ended long ago. And we still have massive numbers of job openings and no employees to fill the spots. It has driven hourly wages to unprecedented highs. GOOD paying jobs are going unfilled. 
Some speculated that people died from covid and THAT was the cause. But most deaths were in the older retired population. Perhaps others decided to say goodbye to jobs and go to work for themselves? Maybe.  
Then came these two graphs.

Civilian workforce, age 16-64, with a disability. Have a look at 2021 forward. The numbers of disabled employees is at an all time unprecedented high! More people have been deemed disabled NOW than ever before. Disabled people, of working age, are not able to work for either a temporary or permanent period of time. 
The graph for females is a DRAMATIC increase very quickly. 
Hmmm. This opens up a whole lot of questions.


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