Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Boston Children's Hospital supports castrating kids and I have evidence

 From Libs of Tik Tok:

(Boston Children's Hospital has) a full menu of castration and mutilation options for minors to choose from. Some options included a hysterectomy: the carving out of a young girl’s reproductive system. Double mastectomy: chopping off young girls’ breasts. Phalloplasty: cutting off the skin from the forearm and thigh of healthy adolescent girls to create a penis. All this came to light last week, so I helped spread the horrors of what doctors are doing to young confused individuals.

Another video from Boston Children’s explained how a toddler can know they are transgender sometimes from the minute they are born.

This doctor explains how playing with the “opposite gender toys” can be a sign that a kid is trans. The same people who screamed for years “toys don’t have a gender!” are now telling us that toys have gender and if a girl plays with a truck, she might be trans.

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