Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Coaching and Teaching Anti-Racist Math At The High School Level"

Part of the professional development training included a presentation on “anti-racist” math. “What on earth does math have to do with social justice?” you may be asking yourself. Well, we aren’t exactly sure, but we will attempt to figure it out.

The presentation was titled, “Coaching and teaching anti-racist math at the high school level.” In other words, woke math.

“Math lessons that focus on understanding social and racial injustice are an important piece of the broader struggle for justice,” the presentation read. They also instructed teachers to game plan a response for parents who complain.
Teachers were presented with a chart (below) that shows which media sources are good and which are bad. Coincidentally, all mainstream conservative media was labeled hyper-partisan or “utter garbage.” Outlets such as NPR, AP, Reuters, USA Today, Washington Post, and NY Times—all blatantly partisan Left-wing media outlets—were labeled mainstream, factual, and trustworthy.


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