Sunday, August 28, 2022

Well-Known Camping Youtuber Jessica Audrey Wallis Dies in Her Sleep, at 40 Years of Age, Apparent Victim of "Unexpectedly"


Jessica Audrey Wallis passed away on Saturday in her sleep. She was the wife of Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis who runs the channel “Camping with Steve.” Steve recently shared a video announcing the “devastating” loss of her wife. 
Steve Wallis used to be a homeless man and met a lady named Jessica Audrey. Jess then helped him get out of the streets, start a business, and become successful. Steve recently lost Jess and is immensely heartbroken over the tragic incident. He also requested people to donate to a local food bank or shelter in her late wife’s honor. 
Fans and friends have been posting the same request on Twitter and other social media platforms while also paying tribute to Jess. Steve Wallis recently published a video on YouTube on August 25, 2022, where he announced the tragic passing of his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis. 
The “Camping with Steve” channel owner revealed that he had just returned from a camping trip in the woods and the two of them went to bed on Saturday night. However, when he woke up from sleep on Sunday, her wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, had already passed away. She died in her sleep. 
Steve is a really genuine guy who could be seen deeply saddened in the video. He stated that her wife was the source of all the brightness in his life and it is devastating to lose her so abruptly. 
What was the cause of Jessica Audrey Wallis’ death? 
Jessica Audrey Wallis passed away in his sleep last Saturday. Steve didn’t reveal the exact cause of the death of his wife. Social media users are speculating that she may have been suffering from health issues previously or may have had a cardiac arrest while sleeping. Some users also wondered if she died of a Brain Aneurysm or a condition called AVM (Arteriovenous malformations). We’ll update this section once more information is released.

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