Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Canadian Province of Saskatchewan Has Warned Trudeau's Federal Nitrogen Agents They Could Be Arrested If They Don't Cease and Desist

The coming Civil War could wind up being INTERNATIONAL. 

Saskatchewan warns Trudeau’s federal Nitrogen agents could be arrested

Saskatchewan Minister Jeremy Cockrill has sent a warning to the Trudeau government that officers sent by Ottawa will be arrested if they continue to trespass on farmland to test nitrogen levels. 

According to Cockrill, Trudeau’s government has been unlawfully sending federal employees onto Saskatchewan farmlands to test for nitrogen levels without the consent of landowners.

In the letter, the Minister raised multiple complaints from Saskatchewan farmers that raised “serious concerns about Government of Canada employees, in clearly marked Government of Canada vehicles, trespassing on private lands.” The farmers reporting these trespasses made clear that these government agents did not request permission to access the land and were not in any other manner given consent to access it.

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