Thursday, August 25, 2022

Enviro-Fascist Takeover


Diabolical: Democrats Inserted Provision Into "Inflation Reduction Act" Giving EPA Right to Control Carbon Dioxide -- Which the Supreme Court Had Just Ruled It Did Not Have the Right to Regulate

The Supreme Court found that the EPA had no right to regulate carbon dioxide for the simple reason that Congress had never specified it had that power, and that power could not be "inferred" from the list of things it was given the right to regulate.

So guess what the Democrats snuck into the bill that no one had the chance to read?

Did Joe Manchin, hailing from a coal-mining state, know about this? Did he sell out his constituents, or was he just too stupid to notice they were taking him for a ride?

California to Ban Sale of New Gas-Powered Cars – All Electric Vehicles in Next Decade

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Always On Watch said...

Goodbye, California.

But be warned....This idea will quickly spread the East Coast.