Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Why Are Cases Higher AFTER Vaccination, Why Are The Vaccinated Dying of Omicron, The LEAST Lethal of All Variants?

Australia didn’t really begin to start having problems with COVID deaths until the beginning of 2022, after nearly every Australian senior had been vaccinated. As of now, 94% of seniors have had three doses, and 60% even had their fourth! Yet 98% of their deaths took place in 2022 with Omicron, the least pathogenic version of the virus. And they are just getting warmed up, because they currently have one of the highest death rates in the world.

The only reason why Australia is not claiming the international title right now is because it is being outstripped by New Zealand, which, by far, has the highest death rate in the world. Just like Australia, New Zealand had a strict lockdown and travel ban until the vaccines were distributed. More than 98% of its deaths occurred after March 2022 – more than two years after the pandemic began.

Then we have a look at this.  Look at the low death rates in Nigeria.  It has been a low number the entirety of the pandemic compared to Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Notice what is different about Nigeria?  They did not widely use the covid vaccines.

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