Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For Richard Dawkins and Michael Travis and Pastorius and BabbaZee and Revere Rides Again and, what the hell. rumcrook and Typhoid Mary

George Strait
I Hate Everything


revereridesagain said...

I don't hate everything. I just like all the "wrong" things and don't believe in things "nice people" expected to.

Do we really have a Typhoid Mary?


midnight rider said...

Nah, rumcrook just mentioned her in one of the comments.

Posted this because of Michael's comment.

That was a fun thread to watch :)

BabbaZee said...



Pastorius said...

Are you a Palestinian?


midnight rider said...

No, Pasto, she must be either Innuit or Eskimo.

I give you the Alaskan Ulu:

(These are great knives once you learn to handle them. My wife and I have several)

Michael Travis said...

Great song, great Guild, great Babbalinkin'