Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Communist State Building

Empire State Building Lighting Stunt Sparks Outrage

The lights are on and communist China is making itself at home. Today, the Empire State Building turned red and yellow in celebration of the Chinese Communist Party having seized power 60 years ago.

Outraged citizens see the light show as an affront to American people and democratic society, and their views are proliferating across the information superhighway. Below is a summary.

Congressman Anthony Weiner said in a statement: "The iconic lights of the Empire State Building should not be used to pay tribute to a nation with a shameful history on human rights who continues to pursue policies that are not in keeping with the values of either our nation or our city.

"Celebrating an oppressive regime is not an appropriate use of the grand colored lights."

Harvey Wharfield from Boston was not to be outdone: “Who the Hell approved such an abomination? Perhaps one of our 'bureaucrats' (nameless and blameless) that believes 'human resources' or 'human capital' supersedes 'human value!' Somehow, the fictional is under the delusion that it/they are superior to their superiors! And, therefore, can make decisions, no matter how ignorant, for 'the People!'"

Pat Cesario, writing on Politics Daily, wondered whether it was wise to “memorialize the birth of a political system and regime that has murdered and/or oppressed millions of its own citizens even to today?”

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common sense is such a rare commodity...