Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yet More Obamatron Indoctrination of School Children

As if any more proof were necessary that Obama is the leader of a personality cult and that his cult's mission is to brainwash children into membership, there is this video:

Extremely creepy stuff from the Sand Hill - Venable Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina.

Yes, history repeats itself. Here's another video from a school that was also politicized by their Great Leader:

Of course, the Progressive educators are emulating Venezuela's Great Leader who is also Ozero's book club buddy:

"Capitalism is bad, socialism is good and your children would be socialized." Sounds like "education" under Progressive rule.

According to Dear Leader Chavez, "In a capitalist society it is all about the individual. Here no, we're all the same. You are all being socialized...Yes we're are indoctrinating children from the first grade through college. Every grade, private schools. The ideology of the Revolution. The ideology of socialism."

Nothing here for William Ayers or Barack Ozero to take exception with. It is with Chavez that Ozero is conspiring in order to foist the "Revolution" on Honduras.

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revereridesagain said...

Someone who is better than I am at posting video needs to go over to Gateway Pundit and get a load of the "community organizers" chanting a prayer to Obama.

I mean, you just cannot make this stuff up...

Pastorius said...

My God, I can not believe this.

Our country is going insane.

christian soldier said...

subtle indoctrination has been going on for a loooooong time-in the schools-public and private...
now it is overt and people are waking up..