Sunday, September 27, 2009

Speaking of intrusive....

How you suppose they are going to detect this?

To answer RRA's question in the comments and for those who would rather read about it.

Fears over 'internal' terror bomb
September 26, 2009

Security and intelligence experts are deeply worried by a new development in suicide bombing, the BBC has learned.

It has emerged that an al-Qaeda bomber who died last month while trying to blow up a Saudi prince in Jeddah had hidden the explosives inside his body.

Only the attacker died, but it is feared that the new development could be copied by others.

Experts say it could have implications for airport security, rendering traditional metal detectors "useless".

Last month's bombing left people wondering how one of the most wanted al-Qaeda operatives in Saudi Arabia could get so close to the prince in charge of counter-terrorism that he was able to blow himself up in the same room.

Western forensic investigators think they have the answer, and it is worrying them profoundly.

The explosives, they believe, were detonated by mobile phone.

Peter Neuman of Kings College London says the case will be studied intensively, and that there are "tremendous implications for airport security with the potential of making it even more complicated to get on to your plane".

"If it really is true that the metal detectors couldn't detect this person's hidden explosive device, that would mean that the metal detectors as they currently exist in airports are pretty much useless," he said.

The bomber was a Saudi al-Qaeda fugitive who said he wanted to give himself up to the prince in person.

The prince took him at his word and gave him safe passage to his palace.

But there, once he got next to his target, the bomb inside him was detonated.

Miraculously the prince survived with minor injuries, but footage emerging this week shows a sizeable crater in the concrete floor and the bomber's body blown in half.

It is believed the force of the blast went downwards which is why only the bomber died.


revereridesagain said...

Well, I'd already wondered when they were going to start posing as pregnant women, but I have to admit this one didn't occur to me. I mean, it raises a lot of questions, such as how do you walk normally with what looks like a doorknob up your... ?

Obviously, they will have to hire even stranger people to do security checks at airports than the ones they have now.

How recently did this incident happen?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:45 the video report states:

The bomb was constructed in Yemen.


Known at Gitmo as Captive 692, Alla Ali Bin Ali Ahmed, a native of Yemen, was captured in Pakistan in 2002 and returned to Yemen today.

Obama's version of national security have you feeling secure?

midnight rider said...

Bend over and cough coming to an airport near you. . .

Christine said...


According the the article I added to the post, it took place last month.

This is scary. Metal detectors did not detect it.

Yeah, bend over and cough. Cause, xrays would never be allowed.

Anonymous said...

sounds like he acted like a shape charge.

put a shape of specific design like a cone allmost, with explosives and it will expend most of its force in a particular direction.

this is how bombs are made for specific jobs like penetrating armor or a building wall.

sounds like its possible the mass of this morons body above the charge drove the force mostly downward

revereridesagain said...

That is scary, especially since it's such a new development. We can assume they are working on fixing that problem of where the force gets directed.

There's no reason to assume this technique has to be done with, erm, end of the line internal insertion. Couldn't a subcutaneous surgical method be used that would allow them to implant the thing in a part of the torso that would allow for the same result as, say, a backpack bomb?

There are getting to be far too many "whens" than "ifs" lately.

Damien said...


I'm watching the video right now, and although the Saudis are not our friends this is disturbing. If Al Qeada decides to uses this method again, even the best counter terrorism experts may have trouble detecting suicide bombers before its too late. I want us to beat these sickos ASAP, already they have taken the lives of too many innocent people.

Total said...

Try using your cellphone at arrivals at LAX. No reception... for that very reason.

Pastorius said...

When did they stop cell phone coverage at LAX. I changed jobs and have not been travelling for about a year. But, I'd swear I used my cell phone at LAX in 2008.

Total said...

Try the arrival section at the Bradley international terminal. Possibly over 1,000 people wait there for guests arriving at anytime and there are no security check points for these entering crowds. When I arrive from an international flight, I often try to call the person picking me up, but at that particular section of the airport, nobody gets cellphone reception. I've tried with different peoples phones and my drivers had no reception either. I can only deduce that the reason is to prevent terrorists from detonating bombs by cellphone. Of course this does not deter suicide bombers, but at least its something. In the next major terrorist attack, expect the entire nation's cellphone network grid to shutdown in an effort to prevent the almost certain follow-up attacks.