Friday, September 25, 2009

Paranoia? No, reality.

On this post by Pastorius, I commented:

No matter where they are located, they are our enemies. This IS a war. Too bad things haven't gotten worse here. Without ak47's taking people out and suicide bombers blowing up our children, too many people refuse to believe it.

The fact that it hasn't gotten worse, is not for a lack of trying.

From Threatswatch:

● Of course in June 2007, there was the the JFK Terrorist plot involving three men from Guyana and one from Trinidad and the case of the Lackawana (Buffalo) Six, Yemeni-Americans (by birth) who were convicted of providing support to al Qaeda. Additionally, we've had the Detroit Sleeper Cell and the planned attack on Ft. Dix, NJ.
● In May 2008, we had the case of Jeffrey Don Detrixhe who was arrested because he had "innocently" purchased cyanide pellets saying that with it he could euthanize an entire village.
● Nearly a year ago, in November 2008, there was the arrest of the five leaders of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development
After a nearly year-long investigation, a plot to attack and blow up a Jewish Syngogue in RIverdale New York was pre-empted.
More recently, in July 2009 we had Bashir al-Ameriki on Long Island. Also in July, there was the arrest of eight men in North Carolina, two of whom are now suspected of somehow planning a delusional attack against the Marine Base at Quantico, Va.
It is now becoming a bit more clear that the case against Najibullah Zazi is expanding. Now officials are indicating that he had purchased amount of hydrogen peroxide and acetone as components of a bomb. Meanwhile his father and his F.B.I. informant imam are accused on "merely lying" to law enforcement. But now, as more facts emerge, the Zazi case is being called one of the most serious in years.
But now, in an apparently unrelated case, there is the arrest just yesterday of Hosam Maher Husein Smadi in a sting operation in which he parked a government supplied vehicle with fake bombs in front of Dallas office building. Let us not hear of entrapment! Smadi had "pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden and expressed a desire to kill Americans" to undercover Arabic speaking agents.

Too many people fall into this trap:

Friends, who knew him as "Sam," said he lived there for about a year and that he was fun, easygoing and always willing to lend a hand. Several said he regularly offered them rides in his Honda sedan.
"This comes as a shock to us; he was just an awesome person," said friend Tabatha Rogers. "He was good to us."

I mean afterall, how could John Doe, who also goes by Fahim, be so bad that we need to kill him. He's just "troubled", had a rough upbringing. You know, like the guy in high school you knew. Who got straightened out and became a CEO, sports star, the president.

Of course, if we just had a little more understanding of those poor muslims, became their friends, they wouldn't want to kill us, would they.

How's that 'restoring good will' thing coming Barack?

Listen to this please.

Jay Fraser :

When people can go to training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan, learn about bombmaking,become indoctrinated in the beliefs of the ant-West jihad, the War on Terrorism is in your town, it's on your street. If something doesn't look right, report it to the authorities. But don't wait because you think that it might be paranoid.

There are too many people in this country who just don't "get it". Yes, even amongst our readership. Unless people start treating this much more seriously, stop trying to see both sides equally, we will not win this war. And yes, it is a war.

That is the reality.

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