Friday, September 25, 2009

Who Gives A Fuck If Proceeding With A Hearing During Eid Will Be Seen As An Insult To Muslims Around The World?!?!?

This very man's continued existence is an insult to all Americans.

So he was waterboarded. So what. At least he didn't burn to death 101 floors ups. Or fall those 101 floors, thinking of his wife and kids all the way down.

Maybe we ought to instead waterboard Zazi and find out what the fuck he and the rest of the goat fuckers were up to.

And deal Khalid a simple .45 acp to the back of the head in some roach and rat infested stinking of feces and urine concrete hole.

And then leave him there for the roaches and rats to nibble on.
In the blood and the shit and the piss.

h/t to Michael Travis

from The Last Crusade:

9/11 a “Badge of Honor” – - New Attack Coming



Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

Al Qaeda chieftain Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who is now on trial at Guantanamo Bay, wants to fire his free-of-charge American lawyers. He claims that Allah will defend him in a letter that was made public this week.

Mohammed, 44, stands accused of mass murder for masterminding the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed 2,974 people.

His military judge has opted to leave the defense team intact until Nov. 16, when the Obama administration is expected to decide whether Mohammed and for other alleged 9/11 plotters should receive military or federal trials.

In his letter, Mohammed writes that he wants to dismiss his Pentagon defense lawyer, Army Lt. Col. Michael Acuff, and Boise, Idaho, criminal defense attorneys David Nevin and Scott McKay.

“I believe that Allah is sufficient to defend me,” he insists. “I wish to represent myself without the assistance of any lawyers.”

To date, the American Civil Liberties Union has shelled out more than $3.5 million to provide legal services for Guantánamo detainees facing death penalty charges.

Mohammed, who was waterboarded 183 times in CIA custody, has boasted of his role in the 9/11 attacks, and has called the allegations against him “badges of honor.” He allegedly also has bragged that another attack is in store for America – - a nuclear event that will leave much of the country in ruins. Mohammed has identified the operative in charge of this mission as Adnan el-Shukrijumah, who remains on the lam.

Mohammed had for a time accepted Nevin and McKay to mount his defense. They wrote briefs and presented arguments in court.

Lt. Col. Acuff, a Tennessee-licensed lawyer, urged the judge to maintain a robust standby defense team to help prepare the Mohammed’s defense. He cited American Bar Association professional standards for defending death penalty cases.

“Because Mr. Mohammed was tortured while in the custody of the United States of America, the case requires a detailed analysis of the effects of this mistreatment,” he said.

In addition, Acuff said the case involves complex national security law, classified evidence and international humanitarian law.

“The case also involves allegations of activities occurring on multiple continents and in diverse countries, and witnesses who speak a variety of foreign languages,” the Pentagon lawyer said.

He went on to say that the case “involves a cultural and religious context which is very different from my own.”

Lt. Col. Acuff further protested the continuation of legal proceedings to the conclusion of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan capped by the Eid al Fitr feast.

“Proceeding with a hearing during Eid,” he said, would “exacerbate the hostility that exists between the accused and the military commissions and further erode the reliability of these proceedings, and will be seen as an insult to Muslims around the world.”


Damien said...
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Damien said...

Midnight Rider,

Even ignoring everything else, what's more important, not offending some people or saving lives? Someone should ask them that question.

Plus not being willing to offend those who would destroy you, and your way of life, might lead to even more death of innocent people in the long run, no matter how enraged our enemies maybe.

Anonymous said...

A .45 ACP to the back of the head is way too good for this hideous creature. This thing deserves nothing more than creul and unusual punishment. When KSM was caught, I never thought he'd see the light of day again, much less open that vile mouth. But here he is, taking center stage and still dominating headlines with his ramblings. Curse all of those who enable him to enjoy the freedoms he has.

Damien said...


I don't think that we should violate the constitution just because we want vengeance, no matter how justified that feeling may be. The American constitution specifically forbids cruel and unusual punishment and for good reason. However, we maybe able to give him the death penalty!

midnight rider said...

Damien -- he is not a U.S. citizen and therefore not protected by the U.S. Constitution. (regardless of what our current D.C. Capos say).

He is an enemy combatant who wouldn't think twice of slitting the throat of every infidel in the courtroom.

And, with his view, he wouldn't want to be protected by it anyway.

Damien said...

Midnight Rider,

I know he's not a US Citizen, and so should not have all the rights of a US Citizen, but if he is technically on US soil, simply disregarding the constitution entirely might be problematic at best. But he still doesn't enjoy or deserve to enjoy the rights of an American Citizen or even a tourist visiting America. I'm fully aware that he desires our blood. Besides, I said that I would support putting him to death.

Damien said...

Midnight Rider,

I personally think that we should hang him as the war criminal that he is.

Christine said...

No matter where they are located, they are our enemies. This IS a war. Too bad things haven't gotten worse here. Without ak47's taking people out and suicide bombers blowing up our children, too many people refuse to believe it. We're doomed.

Pastorius said...

What Christine says is right. At some point, we're going to have to realize that at least part of this war is on our own soil.

We had no problem with killing Confederates back in the early 1860's.

As Stuck Mojo says, "If you step my hood, then it's understood, It's Open Season"

When we begin to understand the scope of this war, we will realize that we have to do what we have to do.

As Patton said, "When you reach out your hand and put it in a mass of goo that used to be your best friend's face, you'll know what to do."

We do not feel we have been mortally challenged yet. We have been, but we don't feel it.

When we are shocked enough, we will respond appropriately.

Once again, quoting Patton, "All real Americans love to fight. It's in our blood."

Anonymous said...

we really need to return to battlefield adjudication of captured enemy combatants.

which is the clear cut legal way to handle them.

ask your questions then shoot them on the field of battle as is allwoed by international law.

Epaminondas said...

Actually I like that foto.

I want to request he sings "Moon Shadow"

Total said...

I agree with rumcrook on how to deal with enemy combatants. We are already giving them more rights than they deserve. Since they are not uniformed soldiers representing any specific state or country, the Geneva conventions do not apply to them.

"Moon Shadow" would be fitting since KSM is under the impression that he is a shadow of Allah, the moon god himself.