Friday, January 28, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood - Raising the Stakes


Smoke rose over the city of Suez on Thursday as sometimes violent clashes continued there. In the capital, a relative calm settled over the streets in anticipation of a new wave of demonstrations anticipated for Friday.

Raising the stakes, the Muslim Brotherhood, long the country’s largest organized opposition group, intends to end days of official inaction to enter fully into protests on Friday. On its Web site, the group said it would join “with all the national Egyptian forces, the Egyptian people, so that this coming Friday will be the general day of rage for the Egyptian nation.”

Mr. El Baradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency who has sought to refashion himself as pro-democracy campaigner in his homeland, is viewed by some supporters as capable of uniting the country’s fractious opposition and offering an alternative to Mr. Mubarak’s authoritarian rule. Critics view him as an opportunist who has spent too little time in the country to take control of a movement which began without his leadership.


Irrelevant, Baradei can be no more than a Kerensky.

This is about the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hassan Al Banna, Sayd Qutb, Mohammad Qutb, Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Zawalhiri, Omar Rahman, Adbullah Azzam, Hasan Al Turabi, Ramzi Yousef, Ahmed Yassin .. MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

Worried about peace in the ME Mr. Obama?

You may have a choice to make.


Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leaders


Egypt braces for Friday protests


Egyptians brace for Friday protests as internet, messaging disrupted



Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the PBS NewsHourtonight with the most direct US governent comments yet about the gathering Egypt protests against President Hosni Mubarak's 29-year reign.

Mr. Biden's comments are unlikely to be well-received by regime opponents, as they fit a narrative of steadfast US support for a government they want to bring down. About eight protesters and one policeman have died this week as Egypt has sought to bring down the heavy hand of the state against opponents. Since the US provides about $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt a year, the repressive apparatus of the state is seen by many in Egypt as hand in glove with the US.







Anonymous said...

Iran is behind all this . What will happen this evening after Friday prayers in mosque?? Whose side will the army be on?? El Baradei has always been totally evil, in pay of Iran. This is a re-run of overthrow of shah in 1979. Israel, get your war-planes and sbs ready.....! Tunisia, lebanon ( both fallen). Next - Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and other countries. This is tremendously serious. And we have a treachouros Muslim Marxist in the Whie House.....! madeleine7

Epaminondas said...

IMHO Iran may take advantage of this but is not behind it. Baradei is now under arrest.

The USA has failed COMPLETELY (including W) to understand and deal with the FACT that the plurality to majority of muslims in these nations WANT Islamist-Sharia compliant governing, and if this all happens at once we are liable to see something approaching a loose caliphate

Always On Watch said...

Joe Biden should STFU.

Epaminondas said...

At first I thought it must be the Onion, it's unbelieeevable.