Saturday, January 29, 2011


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be too long before someone with sand in his butt-crack starts thinking about disposing of all those steenking jahiliyyan pyramids marring up the nice islamic countryside.

Could someone with intimate knowledge of these profound historical monuments please hide a few korans inside and around the pyramids and make that reality known far and wide in Egypt? It might just buy an extra year or two before the demolition crews grow confident that all copies have been discovered and safely removed.

Alexander Münch said...


From CNN :- " Mubarak's best option is to offer Egypt a safe landing. He should lift the 30-year state of emergency, renounce his candidacy in Egypt's September 2011 presidential election and allow civil society to prepare for a free and fair election under full international supervision."

Let's assume, that Mubarak is given a safe passage to the "Leper Island" where he can watch the sunset ... and in September 2011 ( after free and fair !... ) election, the "Ikhwan" will claim their rights!
After all "The Egyptian people have spoken and their collective whish must be respected!"... The chief supervisor Peanut Carter will say...

What if, the "Collective aspirations" list, contains the following elements :-

- The Peace Treaty with the Zionist Entity is the source of Egypt's misery !
- "DemoSharia" was distorted by the infidel, secular Kufars and their collaborators the Copto-Zionists !
- "The Brotherhood" is the only answer to all the "Zionislamophobes" around the world !

Fuck ! I saw this movie before !


Epaminondas said...

It's fine to back SOMEONE who opposes blatant old school banana republic dictatorship and corruption. When a LARGE % of your people are living on $2/day there is BOUND to be trouble.

But that's NOT the real issue. Fine you back revolt... AND THEN WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?

When the Sayd Qutb's come for the guys you helped train on facebook to organize a la Obamanation in 2008 for social action, and they are acting with untrammeled conscience and focused on a specific outcome, WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO?

When the bolsheviks act will you send in the marines? Or will you say ... well we can't overcome with force since anything we do will be hated by the Egyptians since WE did it

When the MB forms a nascent caliphate and is embraced by their brothers in Beirut and Teheran what are you prepared to do?

A revolt in Egypt fostered by the USA even if morally justifiable at the first step has no basis if we cannot answer the later questions?

When the bolsheviks act, WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO, OBAMA?

cjk said...

Anonymous: In fact the limestone finishes of the Pyramids were stripped by the Mohammedans for the construction of their masques in the vicinity. They used to have a nice smooth finish.
They also are responsible for breaking off the Sphinx's nose in accordance with the profit Mo's admonition against depictions of living things.
Same reason the Taliban blew up those great Buddha statues around ten years ago.
Ain't Mohammedanism just grand?