Monday, January 24, 2011

Breaking: Huge Explosion At Moscow Airport

At least 31 killed, 130 injured at Domodedovo Airport.

Present information indicates that the explosion occurred in the arrivals section, possibly in the baggage section, of Russia's largest airport. A recent report indicates that the explosion may have occurred in the Asia Cafe section.

The President of Russia has declared a state of emergency.

Some information HERE at Atlas Shrugs.


Pastorius said...

The Eastern Orthodox are running amok, forcing everyone to convert, killing gays, Jews and apostates.

American Rose said...

Pasto, I'm confused by your comment above. You mean the Eastern Orthodox Christians are forcing everyone to convert to Christianity and are killing gays, Jews and apostates??? Totally confused?

midnight rider said...

He's using a heavy dose of sarcasm there, Rose.

American Rose said...

Thank you, MR.