Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt, the MB, HAMAS the Secret Police and Objective Reality

Stratfor, from what they claim is a source INSIDE HAMAS:

The Egyptian police are no longer patrolling the Rafah border crossing into Gaza. Hamas armed men are entering into Egypt and are closely collaborating with the MB. The MB has fully engaged itself in the demonstrations, and they are unsatisfied with the dismissal of the Cabinet. They are insisting on a new Cabinet that does not include members of the ruling National Democratic Party.

Security forces in plainclothes are engaged in destroying public property in order to give the impression that many protesters represent a public menace. The MB is meanwhile forming people’s committees to protect public property and also to coordinate demonstrators’ activities, including supplying them with food, beverages and first aid.

Read more: Red Alert: Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood | STRATFOR

If this is the way it is NOTHING WE SEE is real.

That means in the end the only way to express american interests, what is GOOD for the American people, will be to judge the final result by what they do, and act with FORCE. Or to act with force NOW and demonstrate we will do whatever we must to make the outcome fit the needs of the american people.

If we let the unseen develop, controlled by those whose consciences are essentially untrammeled, in what WE ARE TOLD is a monumentally important nation and moment, we will have Iran.


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