Monday, January 31, 2011

Gateway Pundit:

Priorities… Priorities… Obama Spent 1 Hour Talking Egypt – Then 2 Hours Partying With Axelrod
Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, January 30, 2011, 7:08 PM

As Egypt Burns…Obama Parties

It’s much worse than we thought.

Barack Obama sure is concerned about the future of the Middle East, Isreal and the world.

As Cairo burned yesterday he met with his security team — for an hour.

It was exhausting. He needed a break.

Then on Saturday night he went out and partied with Axelrod… for at least two hours!
Kristinn reported:

As thirty years of United States Middle East strategy teeters on collapse, Barack Obama spent Saturday night at a going away party for David Axelrod who is leaving the administration to set up Obama’s reelection campaign in Chicago. The party was held at the Dupont Circle condo of former Obama aide Linda Douglass.

Douglass, who is now with the National Journal, played host to a gathering of cabinet secretaries including Arne Duncan (Education), Timothy Geithner (Treasury) and Steven Chu (Energy) and prominent reporters including Major Garrett (National Journal), Jake Tapper (ABC), Chuck Todd (NBC) and John Harwood (CNBC/New York Times).

Obama spent nearly two hours at the party.

Everyone has their priorities.

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Unknown said...

Hi Midnight.
Got the story also.Well Nero played the violin while Rome was burning.Seems to be a trend with dictators?