Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear Mr Jackson and Farrakhan and Sharpton and Obama and Holder and liberal fucking media

Where is your fucking outrage now?!


Police look for two teens accused of setting 13-year-old old boy on fire

•By: Syed Shabbir

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An eighth grader at East High School says two teenagers used gasoline to light him on fire.

Allen Goin was walking home from the high school, which serves grades 7-12, when he says two older students began following him. When Goin got to his front door, he says one of the teenagers put him in a head-lock while the other grabbed a small gas can from Goin's front porch.

"He took his lighter and he lit it," Goin said. "It exploded the cap off and went all over my face."

According to the police report , the teen with the gas can told Goin, "this is what you get."

"Eyebrows gone. Eyelashes gone. Hair singed. That's kind of when I freaked out," Goin's father Dale Goin said.

Goin says he's been bullied in the past. He says he reported it to his dad who reported it to the school, but both feel Tuesday's assault shows the issue has not been settled.

"He isn't going back to that school. They'll have to lock me up or kill me," Dale said. "What kid you know can go to school everyday looking over his shoulder and be successful and learn something?"

Dale says he want's to transfer Allen to a different school, and he wants to press charges against the suspects.

Police say the suspects were black males near the age of 16. Police say both were wearing blue hats and blue jackets. One had blue shoes with the number 23 on the side, and the other was wearing glasses. They were last seen running north in the 2200 block of Quincy Avenue.

Police are asking anyone with information to report tips by calling (816) 474-TIPS.

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