Friday, March 16, 2012

Act of Valor -- Opinion?

Waddup peeps! Long time, no see!

Anyway, I just watched this movie and I thought it was A-mayy-zing!

They portrayed things accurately and well, I just didn't expect a movie to do that anymore.

Here's the making of/trailer.

I'd like to know what you guys thought about this movie (if you've seen it).

Here's the IMDb link for it.

You can watch one of the official trailer here.

Courage. Loyalty. Honor. These words (from the trailer) have lost their true meaning in our modern civilian society, sadly.


Anonymous said...

No confirmed release date for Australia, but if the reports / reviews I have been reading are true - that the bad guy of the story is a Jew - I probably won't go and see it. Is it true AA? If so it's a cop out. Pandering to the leftist PC brigade.

While it will most likely show the Seals to be the shining examples of honour we know them to be, this can be tarnished by an inaccurate and reality-distorting plotline.

A recent example is the movie "Killer Elite" where Jason Statham goes around killing SAS soldiers on behalf of an arab muslim. I just wanted to vomit after seeing that.


midnight rider said...

Looking forward to seeing this sometime, AA & glad you're back, buddy!

Anonymous said...


Thanks. I will try to write more often. For now, I am still trying to get used to the new place and trying also to finish my education. :D It is good to be able to post here without the threat of being arrested though.

christian soldier said...

posted about it and went to see it -opening day!

our BEST are the BEST!!!!

AA- you will also want to see Monumental:

Good to have you back!!

Anonymous said...


I didn't wanna give anything away because I thought this movie was pretty good and I wanted people to watch it.

You said:

but if the reports / reviews I have been reading are true - that the bad guy of the story is a Jew - I probably won't go and see it. Is it true AA?


Well there is a bigger story than that. But to be more accurate, the bad guy is actually a Chechen Muslim (if I got that right. He is some sort of Russian). The Jewish guy is a world arms dealer. This is where the story gets interesting though. The Muslim guy converted to Islam. The Jewish guy and the now-Muslim guy grew up together and were best friends (or very good friends). The Jewish guy is a Russian and the Muslim guy is a Russian, The Jewish guy wants to destroy America because he's Russian and also because the CIA and American forces are trying to stop him, and the Muslim guy wants to destroy America because of his beliefs. They don't hide that fact in the fact, one of the lines of the movie is: "He (the Muslim guy) is an old school jihadi...he doesn't care about money" And another place, the Jewish guy is heard saying (paraphrase) "he (the Muslim guy) is doing what he's doing because of his beliefs".

Now I thought they did a standup job with that. As for the Jewish guy, the only time his Jewishness is brought up is when the American officer asks him, "Why are you helping him? Aren't you Jewish?!" And the Jewish guy replies, "You know when you grow up with somebody...and then you see them after a long time and they have changed so much that you don't even recognize them..." implying that his best friend had changed with his beliefs.

I can see your point about the other bad guy being Jewish but is the main bad character Jewish? No. In fact, he wants out of it all because he cares for his family and is worried about them, but the Muslim guy does not want/let him.

That's what I got from the movie but this is also the reason that I asked for people's opinion because I could be wrong. I was actually shocked that such a movie was produced in the first place.

Let me know if I am wrong though.

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot. It feels good to be back :D.

I saw the trailer of Monumental on your website. Looks like another movie/documentary I wouldn't mind paying for. I just hope they don't end the documentary with "America's doomed with no hope!" because it is already depressing enough to hear that in the "so-called" news media with all of the idiots worshiping China like its some god come down from heaven.