Friday, March 23, 2018

Did The Trump Presidency Die Today?

I think it is likely we have seen the end of the Trump Presidency today.

BETRAYAL: President Trump Backs Down On Veto, Signs Paul Ryan’s Disastrous $1.3-Trillion Omnibus

Paul Ryan’s $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bans Trump From Building Border Wall With Prototypes He Inspected in San Diego Last Week

James Woods to Trump After $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill Passes: ‘Dems Gave You the Rope and You Just Hanged Yourself’


Anonymous said...

o please ... ann c. really!!? Take a deep breath & calm down.

"We looked at a veto, I looked very seriously at the veto. I was thinking about doing the veto, but because of the incredible gains we've been able to make for the military, that overrode any of our thinking, ... There are a lot of things I'm unhappy about in this bill. There are a lot of things that we shouldn't have had in this bill, but we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military, I will never sign another bill like this again." President Trump

thelastenglishprince said...


Very doubtful narrative.

Trump always gets back more than he gives.

Ann Coulter? Part of the hair-on-fire media.

Pastorius said...

He hasn't accomplished anything on the border wall.

Pastorius said...

The Donald Trump Fan Club is a different blog.

Here we use our minds.

thelastenglishprince said...

Hey Piss-to:

Errr... We live in a Republic and not a totalitarian regime. The POTUS is bound by the Constitution and our laws and form of governance (three branches with different strengths and tasks) just like the rest of us.

If you want to live in a country where a leader gets everything on his wish list, move to Turkey or Russia.

Redneck Texan said...

I wish he would have vetoed it as well.

But maybe he knows something we dont.

Like perhaps a year from now his base will care more that he upgraded our military "last year" more than we wanted the wall now.

You know, back in the day, Armies built walls.

Redneck Texan said...

Does the Commander in Chief not have the authority to determine where the Army Corp of Engineers does their thing?

Pastorius said...

Trump appears to have not seen this coming.

He has the majority in Congress. Negotiation is an idea he could try next time.

Wait, there probably won't be a next time.

He just lost his base's will.

2018, Congress may very well go Democrat.

Redneck Texan said...

I think the Obamacare repeal farce calls into question whether or not he ever really had the majority in Congress.

You cant really count McCain & Company as ever being on his side.

If he's waiting on Congress to green light the wall ......

Redneck Texan said...

The bump stop thing ...... well he is a New Yorker ....... what did you expect there? And it is kind of a loophole in the longstanding full auto ban.

I know where your coming from ..... but never forget what the alternative to Trump was.

Redneck Texan said...

I still cant get over learning that Reagan sold Iran weapons behind his anti-Iranian rhetoric.

.... I guess my shattered expectations of ideological purity have never recovered.

Always On Watch said...

Not vetoing this damn omnibus spending bill was a serious error on Trump's part and has allowed Schumer and Pelosi to take over the high ground in claiming victory over Trump's agenda.

Trump could have stood on the high ground on the basis of the bill's bloated size alone. As it is, it is obvious that Trump doesn't know what's in the bill. No one person knows the details, and, IMO, when those details emerge -- and they will -- Trump will be severely undermined.

If the Dems gain a majority in the House in November 2018, he will be impeached.

Always On Watch said...

It is OMINOUS that James Woods tweeted what he did.

Anonymous said...

Quoting a comment at CTH which is in line with a comment above by Redneck Texan mentioning the USACE and hints at addressing Pasto's concerns about the wall....
===>"While talking about the omnibus budget, it hit me like a brick. In having a 30 plus year land development/civil engineering career, I realized that our President might just be a real genius and playing everyone. With that thought, I interrupted the conversation and told everyone that it might be all about the US Army’s Corps of Engineers (USACE) building the wall. During my career I have known several really good people who had served in the USACE. Those who I know are some of the best of the best in our field.
After returning home, I ran to the computer and did a little digging. The USACE web site actually states that they also serve the Department of Homeland Security. A direct quote from the USACE’s web site “As in its earliest days, the Corps of Engineers still thinks of itself as an organization ready to help build the nation’s infrastructure.”
Yes, the Omnibus is full of unnecessary pork money we do not have, but, Trump does not need to spend the money and can delay if not avoid spending much of it. The omnibus is not a ‘locked in’ budget, but a spending bill that can be followed as written, *or not*. The vast majority of this money will not be spent by Trump as congress laid out. Count on it.
Also - recall Obama's "I've got a pen and a phone" braggadocio? He used Executive Orders to get what he wanted. Having set the precedent - Trump can do the same.

Anonymous said...

Silver lining to the Ombibus black cloud:

With Omnibus Bill, Donald Trump Signs Taylor Force Act to Defund Palestinian Terror

Anonymous said...

From the Washington Examiner.... President Trump said Friday that construction of his promised border wall would start immediately after signing the omnibus bill which included 1.6 billion in funding for the wall. "We're going to be starting work literally on Monday." Trump said during an event Friday at the White House. "We have a lot of money coming to the border."

Always On Watch said...

In Flyover Country -- worth your time.