Thursday, March 22, 2018

McCabe’s Bogus Witch Hunt Of Jeff Sessions Confirms Worst Fears About FBI/DOJ Politicization

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Anonymous said...
This is breath taking. We already know Andrew McCabe was one of the primary conspirators in the plot to illegally spy on, manufacture evidence against, and then impeach a duly elected president using Illegitimate criminally obtained FISA warrants as seudo legal cover.

4. The first implication of this revelation that the Dep Dir of @FBI covertly launched a criminal case against the AG is that the plan to remove this administration was wider than just removing the president. This specifically targeted the DOJ.

5. This investigation was opened at a time before Sally Q Yates was fired. It was In an attempt to stop and failing that remove Jeff Sessions. The ramifications would have been to install one of the conspirators as acting AG: Sally Yates.

6. Sally Yates was actively involved & instrumental in Framing @GenFlynn over legit calls as part of his transition team duties as NATSEC adviser. It's important to remember the person running point on that w Yates was none other than Andrew McCabe.

see thread reader linked above for more