Thursday, March 22, 2018

Not another racist Muslim!

A Muslim journalist has slammed Australia as racist for wanting to rescue white South African farmers who he says 'aren't being persecuted'.
Tabish Talib, a senior producer and presenter with the Qatar-government owned Al Jazeera network, fronted a five-minute editorial video condemning Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.
Despite South Africa's parliament voting last month to seize the land of white farmers without compensation, the New York-based journalist claimed they weren't being targeted.
Of course. Whites (and Jews) are always the oppressors. They can't possibly be portrayed as victims. Especially, in this case, where Blacks are the tyrants.

Also, when did reality impact the worldview of Muslims?

Anyway, infidel governments all across the globe can start seizing the land and property of Muslims. As we've been reliably told by Tabish Talib that that action doesn't come under the heading of "persecution".

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