Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rod Rosenstein Duped Jeff Sessions Again – Picked Obama Holdover Huber to Investigate DOJ

Tom Fitton: This is classic two-step on the part of the Justice Department leadership. I don’t think they want to be seen as going strong against all of these individuals. You know why I think in the end, Gregg? It’s because they know it’s going to run into the Mueller investigation. That investigation has been compromised by all the activity we have talked about… 
Gregg Jarrett: So who picked Huber? Well I have a hunch here. First of all Sessions was a senator, he didn’t know anybody in the Department of Justice. Rod Rosenstein, spent a lifetime in the Department of Justice, he knows the players there and he picked an Obama holdover in Huber. So it strikes me that this is a Rod Rosenstein manipulation and machination in which he basically duped Sessions, who is naive and gullible enough to say, “Let’s get Huber!” Is that about right?

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