Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hungary’s Baby Boom

From The Vlad Tepes Blog:
This is VERY important. Leftists have tried to tell us that we stopped having kids as a result of affluence, and that we must replace ourselves with third world muslims. But that would make humans unique amongst species as every other species reproduces based on resources available to them. Clearly it has to do with the degradation the left has brought to Western people’s self image.
I remember back when I was a very young blogger, I was invited by Pamela Geller to participate in a group interview of Mark Steyn to herald the release of his book, America Alone.

I posed a question to him about whether or not the demographics stats laid out in his book were indeed inevitable, or whether, perhaps, there was an opportunity for the West to avoid such destruction through a return of pride in our culture. I cited a baby boomlet which happened in America in the wake of 9/11.

To my surprise, Steyn scoffed at my question.

Perhaps the reason he did was that he saw the context of my question as running counter to the narrative presented in his book.

I wonder if he would scoff at the notion now.

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