Friday, February 28, 2020

"The Fight Started When He Hit Me Back": When Muslims Are Attacked, The Media Explains The Situation Using the Same Strategy, Start History Where Convenient ...

From Vlad Tepes:
Hindus appear to be fighting back against constant riots, violence and threats by Muslims who have a never ending list of advantages they demand for Islam and its followers. The trigger for this is likely related to an eminently reasonable law the Indian government put into effect whereby minorities in Islamic lands who are facing persecution, which is always the case, its an Islamic imperative that non-muslims be second class citizens in Islamic land, could get refugee status in India. Muslims are demanding that muslims from muslim countries also should get that status. Which may be insane or irrational, still manages to provide impetus to Muslims in India to stage more and more riots. But now that the Hindus are starting to fight back, the media is making them the evil ones. What a surprise.
This video takes the liberty of all left wing/Islamic reporting to start history where convenient. In this case, claiming the Hindus started the violence when the muslims had a “peaceful blockade.” In other words, “The fight started when he hit me back”. Reasoning that was once upon a time relegated to the sandbox, but now is the stuff of international relations. Muslims have been rioting violently ever since India passed the refugee law. It is only recently that evidence appears of Hindus having had enough of it.

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