Tuesday, February 25, 2020

November, 2019: China Replaces Catholic Symbols in Churches with Photos of Xi Jinping - 2020, A PLAGUE, LOCUSTS, AND FROGS ...


All I can say is, Advantage: InstaPundit. If I were the Chinese, I’d be laying in stocks of butter and garlic against the inevitable plague of frogs.

AND WEIRDLY, SHORTLY AFTER THAT THEY WERE VISITED BY A PLAGUE. JUST SAYIN’. Xi Jinping Portraits Replace Catholic Symbols in Churches.


Anonymous said...

South China Morning Post Published: 3:45pm, 22 Feb, 2020
China steps up locust prevention as swarms ravage crops in neighbouring India and Pakistan

Beijing has allocated 1.4 billion yuan (US$200 million) for the prevention and control of pests, including locusts and fall armyworms
UN experts say China unlikely to suffer major infestation because Himalaya mountains act as ‘natural barrier’ for locusts in India and Pakistan

Anonymous said...

Agree, China not in danger. Locusts are like fire, they go where the wind sends them. Ain't nothin' gonna blow 'em over the mountains.