Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mueller and Comey Went After Blago and Trump – Trump Stopped Them – Now Blago Has the Goods on Obama and the Deep State

Never mind the Russians. Former FBI directors Robert Mueller and James Comey and their Deep State masters are the real threat to our republic. 
Aided by a complicit media and feckless representatives in Washington DC, Mueller and Comey have so far gotten away with interfering in at least two presidential elections and they may be at it again in 2020. 
Their playbook was simple. 
In 2008 FBI Director Mueller was so successful at getting a corrupt progressive nobody, U.S. Senator Barack Hussein Obama, into the White House that his successor, Comey, thought he could use the exact same playbook to do the same for Hillary Clinton in 2016. 
The playbook was actually used first in the Valerie Plame scandal known as Plamegate. 
The first step involves protecting the Deep State candidate by projecting their crimes onto a chosen patsy. 2008 election: 
Obama had a history of receiving bribes ...

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Anonymous said...

I read the entire story and I'm impressed with the logic but...

1) The MSM won't report it,
2) The DOJ won't investigate it,
3) In a couple months will be saying "Blago didn't kill himself".