Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Atlantic Monthly Features Article On What It Means To Be A Man Written By a Woman Who Thinks She Is a Man

The Deplorable Elites:
In June 2013, The Atlantic gave its readers an article on “The Discovery of What It Means to be a Man.” A hopeful title, but it goes nuts in the subtitle: “What I learned about the so-called ‘masculinity crisis’ as I transitioned from female to male.” 
How fortunate for male readers. A woman who believes she’s a male has special insights on how to be a man. 
In June 2018, The Atlantic discussed the trouble of agreeing about what manhood actually is. No one in the discussion, however, was a legitimate fan of manhood. One expert noted, “Lots of men feel like they want to be on the right side of history here, but when they’re asking, ‘What can I do to be a good man?’ what they’re asking for is a recipe that will give them immunity from critique.” 
Get it? To be on the “right side of history,” men have to be something other than what they are. 
That same month, The Atlantic also warned that “Today’s Masculinity Is Stifling.” Of all the ways it could have addressed the topic, The Atlantic enlisted a male pretending to be a female giving advice to real dudes and the women who love them. But this article took a special turn, illustrated with this image of an adolescent boy considering whether wearing a dress might be right for him.

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Phred Pun said...

The right side of history? You mean like Walter Lee Williams Jr. (KEK)