Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Animals: In Lansing, Terrorists Now Closing Off Roads and Threatening Motorists With Rifles if They Don't Comply With the Bandits' Orders

In wartorn countries in which all civil order has vanished, armed groups begin seizing roadways and bridges and denying entry to those who don't pay a "toll." 
This is happening in America. In Lansing, Michigan. 
Now. Today. 
The police are present here -- but they just sit on their thumbs as armed terrorist paramilitaries threaten lawabiding citizens with a rifle. 
What happens when the next motorist stopped by the bandits has a gun, and decides that he, too, would like to brandish it? 
Letting the terrorists control the streets is not deescalating violence -- it is setting the state for a true conflagration of small action skirmishes that lead to civil war. 
And where the fuck is Trump? Or Barr? There should be flying squads deployed throughout the US to start locking these fuckers up and making serious examples of them.

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revereridesagain said...

Lansing local news stations are mostly ignoring this. What people don't know won't bring them prepared to deal with.