Thursday, June 25, 2020

This interview may seem outside the scope of this blog.

But Tim O'Neill's book details the documentation he dug up to show the reality of the CIA's MK UTRA program, all hidden under Black Budgets.

I have become all-but-convinced that the phenomena we see going on today, vis a vis Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the "Boogaloos", the Ilhan Omar/Bill DeBlasio Axis, and any other group who is involved in the coordination and promotion of this chaos, is possibly, probably, likely to be, at least partially, inspired, and funded by the Battling Black Budgets within our own Intelligence Agencies.


Anonymous said...

I'll call you and raise that bet:

Google and Facebook are government funded front groups bankrolled by the black budget of the NSA.

Our intelligence agencies are entirely Globalist in orientation. Doubt? Answer me this: How could a man with John Brennan's background become head of CIA? How could Hilary Clinton run an open server funneling top secret State Department materials for years and not at least be shut down?

Anonymous said...

Warning: The Left has deployed, Islamic Movement joining in
This is a warning.The Left has already deployed. The IM is coming into play.

This is a warning.
European attacks over the weekend:
Note: In 2015 that Hamas announced that knife attacks would be the primary form of attack moving forward. To this day, UK reporting disassociates an Islamic Movement (Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood) preferred form of attack with the nature of the “knife attack epidemic”
in the UK. From MEMRI:
Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is the parent organization of CAIR. Since the “Arab Spring,” the Muslim Brotherhood has used the phrase “topple the regime” to signal efforts to overthrow governments. CAIR uses that phrase with regard to the current US administration.

When American’s are stabbed by Islamic Movement attackers, remember that Hamas announced the form of attack and that we still can’t get the Muslim Brotherhood declared a terror organization.

Anonymous said...

Coincidental to Coughlin's warning....

For-hire driver stabbed 11 times in the Bronx: police sources