Monday, June 29, 2020

Minneapolis Council Members Who Voted To Defund The Police Spend Huge Taxpayer Cash to Hire Private Security For Themselves And Their Family

Several Minneapolis City Council members who have received death threats following their calls to defund the police after the death of George Floyd have been assigned private security details -- reportedly costing the city $4,500 a day in taxpayer dollars. 
According to information obtained by Fox News, the city has spent $63,000 on private security over the last three weeks. “The names of the people getting security details are not public,” a city spokesperson told Fox News Saturday. 
The names of three council members who are receiving private security detail have already been made public, two of whom interviewed with local affiliate Fox 9 on Friday. 
The Minneapolis Police Department, which would traditionally provide security in this scenario, could not be reached by Fox News but told Fox 9 that the MPD does not have any records of recent threats against the three council members -- adding that it was possible the record could have been filed confidentially. 
The Minneapolis mayor’s office could not be reached by Fox News to address the security threats against the council members. But a city spokesperson told Fox 9 that the MPD resources were needed elsewhere in the community. 
They also said that the cost of the private security detail was roughly the same as the cost for the taxpayer as would be MPD security services. Private security has been provided by two firms, Aegis and BelCom, as an interim fix until other security solutions can be established.  
“This security service was intended to be temporary and [a] bridge to other security measures implemented by council members themselves,” a city spokesperson told Fox News. 
The security expenses do not need city council approval unless the amount surpasses $175,000. A spokesperson for the city told Fox 9 that the temporary security costs are not anticipated to come near that threshold.


MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three council members who have received threats following the police killing of George Floyd, FOX 9 has learned.

A city spokesperson said the private security details have cost the city $63,000 over the past three weeks.
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Anonymous said...

Some animals are more equal than others.

BTW: These private security firms are like the hired guns the rich dudes had in the old western movies. Personal enforcers for hire.

Consider...what kind of American would take the 30 pieces of silver to be an armed bodyguard for a menace to freedom like Mike Bloomberg?

Pastorius said...

A Serial Killer with a license.