Sunday, June 21, 2020

Pope Francis Warns Against The "Illusion of Individualism"


revereridesagain said...

Well, I'm just a lousy unbeliever who has for 50+ years followed a philosophy of individualism which recognizes that each human being IS a sovereign individual whose absolute right not to have force INITIATED against him or her is not to be violated. I guess the Pope would therefore consign me to Hell even as I already am for not accepting his god.

The Pope can kiss my @$$.

Pete Rowe said...

The Pope advances a straw man. We are not an individualistic society. We are a family based society. The government either helps or hinders the formation and success of the family unit. The government's Covid response has hindered the family unit and is therefore unjust.

Pastorius said...

To a large extent, I disagree with you.

The foundational principles of our society and of the Judeo-Christian tradition is that our relationship with God is dependent upon the decision we make as an individual.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be ADDED unto you.

The individual's decision comes before family, before relationship, before society, before civilization.

Pete Rowe said...


I do not believe that the Popester is talking about a person's relationship with G-d. It sounds like he is speaking about society. The story says, "Francis later warned people to "be careful," and not to allow individualism to again become "the guiding principle of society."

Milton Friedman has a pretty argument that ours was not an individual society, but a family society. That is not to say individuals do not make decisions for themselves, but that adults tend to prioritize family over selves. See video in below link:

Meat starts at 2:20, but you need to get the whole q&a to understand the idea/question Dr. Friedman was responding to.

Pastorius said...


Imagine that. The Pope NOT talking about a person's relationship with God. But instead, he is talking about Communism.

Hard to believe. Right?


I get what you're saying now.

I'm not as interested in the subject of Milton Friedman vs. The Pope. Screw the Pope. He is derelict in his duty.

Pete Rowe said...

I think the secular battle is for the families and the fathers. Destroy fathers, you destroy families, and then you can crush and destroy the souls of individuals. That is the spiritual battle as manifested in the spiritual realm--- in my opinion.

Pastorius said...

Well, that does make sense.

Anonymous said...

Let me warn you, and his holiness, that the reality of communism is going to get its a** kicked, and that you better find JESUS before he comes back, cause either way, when HE does, you're going to reach his bosom before we reach you, or that's your Fing a**. JESUS can ask "Why", and we can ask for forgiveness.
Just sayin'.

"Kill a commie for mommy" - Johnny Ramone

Anonymous said...

His holiness, is dubious as a leader for anything other than secular satanic-suck POS (D).

Thankfully, he's not considered "infallible" on any matters except those of "Faith", and this, again thankfully, ain't one of those.

When the evil horde comes for his holiness, he'll be on the roof of St. Peter's basilica throwing purple slippers and whining like a girl. Everyone better let him whine for a good while.