Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Media Is Misleading You About a Record Coronavirus Spike in Florida

When the media frantically warns of record spikes of coronavirus cases in Florida and several other southern states and predicts these states will become the next epicenter for the virus, people automatically conjure up images of Italy and New York City. Naturally, that is the desired result of the media-driven panic. 
In fact, the media has been predicting Florida would become the next New York since early April. However, once you study the data on who these states are testing and why testing is going up yet deaths are still declining every day, it becomes clear that the reality is the exact opposite of the panic the media is pushing. 
The reality is that what happened in New York City in March was an anomaly, and its unique dynamic is not migrating to other states. In fact, the virus continues to prove itself less deadly than previously thought and likely becoming milder as time goes on. Several weeks into the superficial spike in cases, deaths are plummeting, reaching the lowest level on Sunday since the beginning of the epidemic and down 90 percent since the peak.  
During the peak of the virus in April, Miami-Dade County found through a serology test that the likely number of people infected was 16.5 times higher than the number of known cases. We also now know that an unknown percentage of people who get the virus, particularly those who don't present symptoms, don't even produce antibodies because their bodies ward off the virus with T cells.

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