Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tucker Carlson Puts The Pieces Together


Always On Watch said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone still voluntarily wearing the uniform of the Seattle PD is only there for the paycheck and the pension and deserves zero respect either as an Officer-of-the-Law or as a human being.

Pastorius said...

God knows I have been calling Police "Pension-Swilling Union Orcs" for a few years now.

But, if you are opposed to the Police taking back control of a major US city, then I am not in agreement with you.

I have to wonder if you are on the other side. In other words, are you a Communist?

Anonymous said...

Commie? Hell no! I started calling them the same thing after I read it on this blog LOL.

I just don't understand why any self-respecting adult would continue to serve assholes like Mayor Drunken and her council.

The police can not take back control of anything if the civilian leadership doesn't have their back.

Pastorius said...



I am probably naive and nostalgic believing we are ever going to see manly American police departments again.