Thursday, July 30, 2020

"America Has Had Riots Before, But Never Have They Had The Approval Of a Major Political Party"


Anonymous said...

OVERT approval

communists have always gravitated toward the satanic (D), who have definitely been "supportive"

Anonymous said...

Independent investigative journalist, George Webb followed the meta-data to connect many dots involving Hillary, Obama, The Awan IT scandal, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Huma Abedin, as well as many attempts to trap the Trump campaign. Webb has now published a book available on Amazon (one hour read) and updates as info becomes available from additional sources. He discusses his #1 Bestseller (in the National and International Security category on Amazon for ALL LENGTHS of books in the HISTORY of Amazon).
in this fascinating podcast discussion l:

July 28, 2020 Dan Happel Connects some dots in this podcast with George Webb:


The attacks against President Trump from the left seem never ending and more shrill than ever. He is accused of racism, sexism, fascism and every other ism, although there is little real evidence to back this up. The one ism he seems to have in spades is a commitment to market capitalism and an open revulsion toward communism. Therein ls the primary cause of this overt hatred of Donald Trump by the "progressive" leftists. They hate individual liberty, personal responsibility, private property and the right for individuals to live without cradle to grave control by Marxist busy bodies that think they know at least 1000% more than the rest of us about just about everything. These self anointed geniuses had all but taken over control of America before the 2016 Presidential Election, and are in a life and death struggle to return America to the path of Marxist/technocratic globalism that Trump interrupted with his populist presidency.