Sunday, July 26, 2020

BREAKING: Leftist Protester Shot and Killed by Driver in Austin as Crowd Blocked Intersection

Austin Police say that the man who was shot was carrying a rifle and may have approached the vehicle. A protester has been shot and killed in Austin, Texas, by a driver whose car had been blocked in at an intersection. The incident was captured on Facebook Live. It appears that the crowd was blocking traffic and possibly surrounding the car prior to the shooting. “Someone got out of their car and shot one of the protesters,” the livestreamer said.

BREAKING: Austin Police Confirm ‘Protester’ Shot and Killed By Motorist Was Carrying Rifle, May Have Approached Vehicle

BLM Protester Fatally Shot in Austin: ‘People Who Hate Us’ Are ‘Too Big of P-ssies to Actually Do Anything About It’


Anonymous said...

A sad day for his family but I can't lose sleep over the deaths of enemy combatants. Violence begets violence. This ain't Disney World sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

What I've been able to gather the deceased Communist is some guy named Garrett. From ZH article:

"A woman who appears to be an acquaintance of the deceased protester, who she identified as Garrett - the husband and sole caretaker of a quadriplegic woman named Whitney. The woman says Garrett was on his 50th day of protesting."

So 50 days of rioting (er...protesting)?Doesn't sound like caregiving was his top priority.

Pastorius said...

I believe his wife was with him when he got shot.

Anonymous said...

And she was a quadriplegic? At a riot? What kind of "caregiver" brings a crippled woman to a riot?