Saturday, July 25, 2020

Pentagon on UFOs: they are 'off-world vehicles not made on this earth'

It has been forever since UFOs have been talked about and constantly battled against being called "conspiracy theories", but there has been more and more information released in the last couple of years. Remember it was only last month that a classified briefing on UFOs left senators 'disturbed' afterwards. 
But the latest news is coming from The New York Times, in an article titled 'No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon's U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public' saying that a Pentagon unit tasked with UFO sightings and their findings are out of this world. Tucker Carlson broke it down saying that the New York Times reports about "recovered UFOs" that are "off-world vehicles not made on this Earth" -- a direct quote from the New York Times, says Carlson.

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