Thursday, July 23, 2020

US Ordered The Shutdown of Chinese Consulate In Houston Because of Espionage, Chinese Consulate Burns Documents

This news item kind of jumped out at me this morning. Well, it is a fire, it is in an American city, and it involves Communists. That said... 
Officials from the Houston Fire Department and Houston Police Department are responding to reports that documents are being set on fire in the courtyard at the Chinese Consulate-General in Houston. 
"Houston police say they began receiving the reports that documents were being burned just after 8 p.m. at 3417 Montrose Boulevard where the Consulate General of China is located," Click 2 Houston reported. 
"A small amount of smoke could be seen and smelled from outside. Dozens of Houston first responders are at the scene..." Tensions between the United States have continued to escalate in recent weeks after they hit near all-time highs earlier this year over the Chinese Communist Party's lies about the [Chinese] coronavirus pandemic..." 
The only time I can recall documents being burned at foreign embassies was film footage taken at the Japanese Consulate in Washington DC on the morning of December 7th, 1941. 
I really do not want to jump to any conclusions here but given the internal strife in this country, the cold war between the US and the Chi-Coms over the Peking Pox, Hong Kong, trade, Chinese imperialism/militarism threatening world stability, China's dismal economy, and on top of all of that, an election that could seal their and our fate for the foreseeable future - - I think you can read your own tea leaves.

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thelastenglishprince said...

I just recommended "The Beijing Code" over at my site a few days ago. It mentions this report.

The Clinton's are fingered in the novel for their part in choosing China over U.S. interests for national security.