Sunday, July 26, 2020

These Aren't Protests, They're a Show of Force

I read the headline on the Department of Justice press release and thought, sheesh, even the DOJ is calling this lunacy a protest. The headline said, "18 Arrested, Facing Federal Charges After Weeknight Protests at Federal Courthouse in Portland." 
These are not protests. These are violent attempts to ignite a revolution. These are demonstrations of the power Antifa has, and what to expect if they do not get their way. 
The press release was a police blotter-style account of 18 of these violent loons, but it was the accompanying photos that told the tale of defacing federal property and hurling frozen bottles of water at the police.
The trashing of a federal courthouse is not very bright because judges will decide the fate of these 18 thugs the feds arrested. By billing the vandalism and destruction as a protest, the press -- and now the feds -- are rationalizing the violence. 
The press would have people believe that this is a normal protest and that the violence comes from the frustration of the powerless. 
The violence is planned because powerful people are behind this unleashing of violence. 
They have intimidated mayors and the police. Black Lives Matter is the new national motto in DC, New York, Portland and other Democrat hellholes, replacing In God We Trust. 
Anyone who dares say otherwise is subject to being doxxed, and threatened with the loss of employment. 
I used to wonder how Germans, the best-educated people in the world at the time, could be conned into becoming Nazis. 
The Antifa Riots are a primer on the Nazification of a nation. Democrat mayors protect, encourage, and even participate in these Kristallnacht-like demonstrations. Democrats are saying to America, nice country you have there. It would be a shame if someone tore it up and turned every town large or small into Minneapolis. 
New York. 
Their message is clear: Vote Biden or we will turn America upside down.

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