Saturday, July 04, 2020

CNN Calls Thomas Jefferson and George Washington "Two Slave Owners" In Commentary During Rushmore Coverage

The remarkably anti-American commentary lit social media ablaze, with patriots absolutely shredding the network for their hostility towards our nation.

“CNN has reduced the Founding Fathers of America, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to just ‘two slave owners,'” JT Lewis, whose brother was killed during the school shooting in Sandy Hook, tweeted. “CNN hates America.”


Anonymous said...

Just saw this invitation to "Conservatives for Biden" topic posted on my neighborhood's Nextdoor chat board...and laugh at how quickly it was removed. Attempting to characterize Biden as 'truthful' or characterizing "conservatives" as believing Biden possesses the character a 'conservative' respects is hilarious!

Even the left doesn't believe any of that about Biden - given the following tweet by Shaun King (BLM activist who threatened a coup if Trump was elected in July of 2016):

revereridesagain said...

25 years ago today I had just moved to my town and was awakened by the bells in Abbot Hall, which houses Willard's painting known as "The Spirit of '76". That day they rang all morning.

Today they are silent. Too many damned "woke" leftists in the town that sent the marines who rowed Washington across the Delaware.