Wednesday, July 08, 2020


From J.J. Sefton:
For the first time ever, I am getting a definite sense that American Blacks are finally seeing the multi-generational abuse they have suffered at the hands of the Democrat Party. 
It is beyond tragic that it has taken the senseless, horrific shooting deaths of their children - at the hands of other Blacks - to make the scales begin to fall from their eyes. 
Actually, as appalling as these slayings are, including this one in where a car rolls up to a man holding his daughter's hand as they cross a Bronx street, and is gunned down in broad daylight, it has been the constant drumbeat of "Black Lives Matter" since the incident in Minneapolis which rings hollow and hypocritical in the extreme to the families of Black on Black crime that I believe is engendering a sea change politically and culturally that may well prove one of the most significant in decades. 
The generational helplessness, hopelessness, dissolution and in fact genocide of American Blacks, is solely the fault of the Democrat Party. Yet the concomitant big lie that it's the fault of Republicans, America as founded, white people and "systemic racism" force fed on all of us by the brainwashing mills that are our schools, the media and a Republican Party that allowed themselves to be blood-libeled, never had any real pushback - until the coming of Donald Trump. 
Is he the second coming of the Great Emancipator? Who knows? But year after year, decade after decade, Republican politicians had ample opportunities to speak the blunt truths about all of they above. All they did, as they always do on every damned issue, was to accept the Democrat narrative (and in so doing further reinforce it as emmes truth) utter mea culpas, promise to change their evil ways, and then reach across the aisle in shaking down the taxpayer for more welfare, graft and bureaucracy. 
At first, I found it galling in the extreme that Trump's magnificent Mount Rushmore speech was smeared as "divisive" by the Democrat-Media Complex as well as quite a few flunkies and traitors among the cuck-servative set. But, as the saying goes, you take the most flak when you're right over the target. 
How could defending the greatest nation and society (warts and all) that has and will ever exist in history, be divisive unless one believes the exact opposite? 
As I stated yesterday, no other president or Republican leader in my lifetime, with maybe the exception of Reagan, ever defended the nation so forcefully and eloquently when it was under direct assault from internal enemies as Trump did. 
Given the circumstances, I think it would be in Trump's and indeed the nation's interest for him to deliver an equally blunt and honest speech about what is going on in our cities, the calling out of "Black Lives Matter" as the terrorist organization that it is, and the slow-motion genocide of American Blacks at the hands of the Democrat-Socialist enterprise. 
That's another reason why the Mount Rushmore speech was smeared as divisive; to prevent Trump from dropping the mother of all truth nukes on this big lie.  
Black Lives Matter falsely pretends that black people are mostly endangered by police, when in reality, in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, they're protected by police officers. And those police officers are increasingly black. Black Lives Matter declared war on the police on behalf of criminals. The death toll in black lives is shocking. And the toll in the lives of black children is even more heartrending. When the police leave, the criminals take over, and the hospitals and morgues pile up with the black victims of gang violence. That's the BLM Effect. 
Supporting Black Lives Matter means not only supporting criminals over the police, it means enabling the mass deaths of black people and black children that inevitably follow in the wake of the riots. 
If you support Black Lives Matter, you're killing black children. 
As Trump himself once said (which the usual suspects were aghast at) when courting the American Black vote, "what have you got to lose?" With rivers of blood running in the streets of Democrat-controlled inner cities, and the prospect of them turning into torrents as police departments are abolished, the question to American Blacks is look at what you have to gain: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Mostly life.

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