Wednesday, December 08, 2021

AZ Lawmakers Call On Doug Ducey To End Mandates – Former Phoenix Chief Of Staff Rips Up Vaccine Card – “NEVER AGAIN”

Arizona lawmakers held a press conference with concerned citizens to call for an end to the unconstitutional vaccine mandate placed on Arizona employees, and a special legislative session. 
One thousand employees self-organized to call Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to stop the mandate before Christmas. 
Protesters rallied outside of the Arizona Capitol at noon and marched one mile to City Hall to voice their concerns outside of the Phoenix City Council meeting. 
Doug Ducey needs to order a special legislative session immediately and sign the necessary executive orders to protect Arizona workers. 
Organizer, Merissa Hamilton stated that Phoenix announced that the courts have put all federal mandates on hold, due to the civil action that grassroots patriots have committed to. They claim that this was not a city mandate but a federal mandate. 
The Gateway Pundit reported that the City of Phoenix alleged that their City was a federal contractor and they used this to defund police by removing unvaccinated officers. 
“We are asking the Governor to bring us into a special session immediately. I have been counting the votes; The votes are there. there is now no longer a reason to not have a special session.”, said Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend to open the presser. 
Townsend also called on her Democratic colleagues to vote for a special session with an emergency clause, which would require 2/3 of both houses to vote in favor. 
Kimball Cody, a former firefighter in Salt River, Arizona brought his family to the stage with him to show Governor Ducey exactly who this vaccine mandate is affecting. Cody was fired from the fire department on October 1st after two separate medical exemptions were refused. 
“After 13 years of serving people, where I would go pick people up from their own self imposed squalor, and put them on a gurney, and treat them with respect, with dignity, and with honor, because they are children of God, I was not given one ounce of that. And the mandates are here. If you think they’re in California, if you think they’re in New York, if you think they are in some faraway land, they are here today and they are here now.”, said Kimball Cody. 
AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem and Trump endorsed Candidate for Secretary of State called this unconstitutional mandate “The Civil Rights Action Of Our Time”, and he called for an immediate special session to stop the civil rights violation. 
Trump endorsed AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers likened this medical tyranny to the evil tyrants who attacked our homeland 80 years ago today. 
Rogers said, “This has been brewing, growing and it is upon us. And we veterans took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You have this lifetime oath from this Senator. God Bless America!”

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