Saturday, December 25, 2021

Pharmacist: "I Should Not Be Giving These Vaccines At All!"

I believe this video will be disappeared by Twitter/Youtube/Google/Evil Incorporated. So I am going to transcribe it's contents: 

Pharmacist: (handing her a pamphlet) "That's from the Moderna vaccine". 

Cutomer: "Is it the same for Pfizer and all the others?" 

Pharmacist: "No, each brand is a little different."

Customer: "Ok, so may I take this with me, so I can look at all the safety studies - placebo safety studies - on it?

Pharmacist: "Yeah, because, the one that we give ... Yeah, because the one that's given to patients doesn't contain that information."

Customer: "Which one are they giving?" 

Pharmacist: "That is the one we are giving. Yeah, but the package insert given to patients isn't the full information."

Customer: "So, it's not from the manufacturer themselves ..."

Pharmacist: "That is from the manufacturer, but it's truncated. That's the full thing."

Customer: "So why is it all intentionally blank if it's all the safety studies?"

Pharmacist: (takes the pamphlet from her, starts to open it) "They're all inside."

Customer: "They're inside it?"

Pharmacist: "This folds out."

Customer: "Ok."

Pharmacist: (unfolding pages of pamphlet to what looks to be about 2 X 2 feet of paper, all appearing blank) "This supposedly folds out ...  (walks over to his computer) I've got to get online and find it ..."

Customer: "No, it's ok. I already know it's left blank intentionally. My last question is, how is it informed consent when all of the safety studies - placebo safety studies - are not listed from the manufacturer."

Phamacist: "That's a great question. I would talk to ... I would talk to CVS about that."

Customer: "So, if we don't know what we're injecting into ourselves, I don't understand how that's informed consent."

Pharmacist: "You're exactly right. And you are correct. I should not be giving these vaccines at all. (waving his hands for emphasis)

Customer: "Ok. Why are you giving them? 

Because I am ... Because I am told, and that's how ... Because I am told to ...

Customer: "I understand."

Pharmacist: "And everything I have showed you, including the patients I have given it to it is safe."

Customer: "It is safe and effective? What studies are you going by that states that it's safe and effective?"

Pharmacist: (puts his hands in his lab coat pockets, shifts around on his feet) 

Customer: "I know these are tough questions but I have to ask them ..."

Pharmacist: "I know, and I'm sorry, but ...

Customer: "But you can't answer ..."

Pharmacist: "I unfortunately can not answer that, and I feel ... right now I feel I'm ... I feel totally inadequate as a  ..."

Cuts off


My impression is, the man was relieved that someone was finally asking the right questions. His patience thoughout the woman's line of question, and his willingness to answer every question as well as he could seems to show he wants the information to get out.

It is very sad to watch this, as you can see the state of moral ambivalence, and turmoil, members of the medical profession are forced to live in on a daily basis.

This is what happens when the state breaks the law, and uses common, everyday people as its enforcers. 

The problem for members of the medical profession is they are participating in a fraud perpetrated on the American people. Many of them are fully aware of the fraud. They may deceive themselves that it's not fraud, because everyone is doing it. Or that they are only following orders.

But that is a legal argument. And it certainly is not a moral argument.


revereridesagain said...

I was a pharmacy tech at CVS about 20 years ago and I don't understand this. Why is that sheet totally blank? Is it issued by Moderna?

Meanwhile, if anyone asks me why I'm not going to take the Moderna booster jab, I will have this with me to show them!

Pastorius said...

Weird, right?

Why even include a sheet of paper, if there is nothing on it?